Avatars Make a Difference

Avatars are great for branding yourself for your online business.  It can be a simple image such as your company logo, your picture, your pet’s picture or a photo that “brands” you.

If you want your avatar to automatically be added to a comment you make on a blog post then go to gravatar.com and upload your image.  Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar.  The website you are commenting on needs to have the ability to show avatars.

I currently use a WordPress theme that has the ability to show or not show avatars for those that make comments on my blog posts.  I can also decide on the avatar rating(G,PG,R,X).  There are default avatars to use if a person who comments does not have a custom avatar of their own.  I access this information on on my dashboard in Discussion under Settings.

Your avatar can get you quickly noticed and makes your comments more personal.  Feel free to comment about your experience with avatars!

4 comments to Avatars Make a Difference

  • I agree that your avatar is a great way to brand yourself. It is important to keep the same avatar across all social media. I love seeing some of the same faces as I visit different sites. Unfortunately my site does not have a plugin for gravatar. I hope that will be an upcoming feature.

    Julia M Lindsey
    Our Little Books

  • I absolutely agree! I have been having trouble getting gravatar.com to show mine. Let’s see if it show’s up with this comment.
    Celene Harrelson

  • yippee! It finally works. ;^)

  • What a great reminder of the importance of being present and transparent when you communicate online. Thanks for the reminder! (Love “Happypreneur!”)

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