Blogging – Benefits of a Blogging Challenge

I have now been in three blogging challenges and I can tell you that they are quite beneficial.

The best part is meeting and sharing ideas with other bloggers, but there is more.

1. Increased traffic to my website.  My analytics showed the increase.

2. The writing was easier once I started!  You only need to have 100 words in a blog post  in this current Blog Challenge.  This blog post is 183 words, so you can see 100 is not much.

3. It only cost time, but the time spent was worth it.

4. Invitation to write a story on another blog.

A member of one blogging challenge connected with me on Facebook.

She saw an interest of mine(birding) when she saw my photos on Facebook and asked for a story.


If you currently do not look at the analytics on your website then you are missing a very important evaluation of your marketing efforts.


Here is the the next one I joined on October 1st. : Ultimate Blog Challenge

As you can see there are many benefits to a blogging challenge.

So, what are you waiting for!

3 comments to Blogging – Benefits of a Blogging Challenge

  • All GREAT reasons to join the challenge! I would have to add one other: It connects up to the blogging community as a whole and the other bloggers encourage us as we are creating our content! Happy Blogging! #blogboost

  • ElaineEvansWilson

    Thanks for the comment! You are an inspiration.

  • Blogging challenges have been more of a benefit to me and my small business than anything else I’ve involved myself in!

    The current Ultimate Blog Challenge is my fourth event in the blogoshpere. I considered taking a hiatus after challenge number three, but I’m hooked!

    I enjoy the interaction and camaraderie in the blogging community more than anything else. I’m meeting some of the most wonderful niche and industry experts, making new friends I love and admire, and even finding partners to joint venture with.

    Ya can’t beat that blogging deal! 🙂


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