Blogging – Three Important Decisions

Blogging is a powerful tool for your online business. However, there are three important decisions to make when posting to your blog.

1. Is your blog going to have useful high quality information or just fluff?  It is common knowledge that most website visitors only stay a few seconds on a page to see if the information they are looking for is there.

2. Keywords in your blog categories and blog content are important.   Find out what those words and phrases are that relate to your niche.  This is probably one of the most important decisions to make.

3. The decision to post or not post about your political and religious beliefs is something to think about.  Some bloggers try to weave in their aforementioned beliefs in their posts.  You have to consider the risks of readers never returning to your blog because of your beliefs, especially if you have an informational blog.

As you can see these are only three decisions to make when you blog, but there are many more. Ultimately are you blogging for yourself or the reader who visits your site?  Feel free to comment below.

8 comments to Blogging – Three Important Decisions

  • Very good points, Elaine. I think we all consider our audience as we write our articles, trying to be informative, interesting and appropriate at the same time. The purpose of my blog is promote my web site, where I sell pearls. So I don’t have to offer personal opinions as service-related or informational blogs do. I stay with topics on jewelry and style.

  • Hi Elaine
    Love the bottle of FLUFF!! Today I just took the category section off my blog because the ones I had did no ‘fit’ the rest of the website or blog anymore.. You made a great comment on how to choose the category names.. something I had been wondering how I was going to do that! Thanks!
    Great post.

    Peace and light
    Elissa Joy

  • Having useful information on your site is key. In general, if the site is to promote a service or product, talking about political views could lose customers. On the other hand, I frequent a business blog that manages to discuss political views effectively.

  • Sherry includes a very important word in her comment, “appropriate.” I love reading what others have to say, even if it is controversial…as long as it is objective and courteous.

    There is a thin line that needs to be walked on some topics to avoid alienating and offending others.

  • Hi Elaine,
    I like the points you have raised here. I believe you must be clear from the onset of your business what your message is who your audience is. You can never go wrong if this two issues are clear.

  • Blogs began as online journala for sharing thoughts, ideas and beliefs. As they became more and more popular and their potential for extending our reach and promoting our businesses, they took on a more important function.

    Since most of us want to attract visitors and subscribers to our blogs we must have compelling content. But part of being compelling is creating content that is in our own voices and reveals our authentic selves. When we speak our minds and come from the heart, some readers are going to be delighted and return; others are going to be disgusted and never return. That’s okay. When we hit our stride, we will build an audience that is the right one for our style. We and our readers will benefit.

  • Great food for thought when blogging. I had to learn to curb my opinions and stick to the subject at hand. Still get a little opinionated at times.
    Celene Harrelson

  • These are definitely key points to blogging. There are so many blogs that I have read that by the time I get to the end of it, I realize there was really no substance to it. What a waste of time! I think that a lot of people want to blog, but have no idea what to really say. Undeniably, I too have a hard time with blogging sometimes, but if I can’t figure out something that I think people will want to read, I just don’t blog at all. Any day of the week I would rather read a post or book that I can get something out of than just sit around reading people’s inner thoughts. But if someone’s inner thoughts are something of importance to me, I will obviously read that too. At the end of the day, people will blog about whatever they want.

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