Build an Online Business – Action, Tracking and the Mind Game

Build an Online Business   – Action, Tracking and the Mind Game

There are many aspects to building an online business.  In this blog post I will deal with three subjects that immediately come to mind.  They are taking action, tracking and the mind game.

Action is the Key:

Taking action is at the top of the list.  There are so many distractions that result in no action; such as reading every e-mail, buying every product for your business that is marketed to you and spending too much time on social media sites.  It is essential to spend time reading important e-mails, that is something you need to do.  You do not have to purchase every product that is marketed to you, but the necessary products you buy spend time to implement them.  When connecting with social media you need to limit the amount of time you spend on these sites. If you were at an 8-5 corporate world office, would your boss let you spend 3 hours on Facebook?

Analytics Tracking:

If you are not tracking your visitors to your web pages then you might be “throwing money to the wind”.   Your time and advertising dollars need to be studied.   Today you can track which pages attract a visitor and the average time spent on the site. Also, you can find out how they found your page and how many click throughs your page generates.  At the very minimum you need to sign up for and install the free Google Analytics.  If you are not comfortable adding the Google Analytics tracking code, then have a webmaster do it for you.

The Mind Game:

There are so many aspects of business that can play with your mind!  Even a small setback can really get you off tract, but I always have to remind myself that a failure is an opportunity for growth!  I like to remind myself of the famous Henry Ford quote:

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”

~ Henry Ford


If you have questions about building an online business e-mail me at elaine[at]

Elaine Evans Wilson

1 comment to Build an Online Business – Action, Tracking and the Mind Game

  • Very good points, Elaine!

    I’m so glad you mentioned “implementing” the products and programs you purchase. I’ve been guilty of spending (hard-earned) money and loading up my hard drive with things I’ve never even looked at. Why? Like everyone else, I’m sure, at the time they seemed like the answer to my prayers — the holy grail of internet success. It’s very easy to get caught in that trap.

    So I’ve learned to budget a whole lot better and stick to a specific plan. I now only make business-building purchases quarterly. And I won’t buy anything from someone I don’t know, like, and trust … period.

    I probably spend a little too much time on social media sites but it’s difficult to cut down. Those are the places I meet the finest professionals, joint venture partners, and some of the best bloggers on the planet. And I love building community! I can honestly say the time I’ve spent on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn has given me a great return on investment of that time. 🙂

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