Creating an Online Business Website with WordPress

WordPress is a software platform for a website or blog. The best part is that it is free(no license fee). With each new version it becomes more user friendly. Installing plugins, widgets and themes is so much easier today than it ever has been.  According to, the WordPress software has been downloaded over 25 million times.  This should tell you something.

Plugins for WordPress  can skillfully optimize the WordPress software.  There are many free ones and they easy to install. These plugins such as “All In One Seo Pack” helps with search engine optimization, “Askimet” filters most of the spam on comments and “Google Analytics for WordPress” analyzes your visitors statistics.  There are thousands of plugins, but too many plugins can slow your website down.

A web widget is described as a stand alone mini application which will add certain functions to your website.  Two common widgets are “Recent Comments” that displays the most recent comments and “Recent Posts” shows the most recent posts.

WordPress comes with a default theme. You can also search and find thousands of themes that can be used with WordPress.  You can spend days looking for a theme.  They are simple to install and activate.

I have spent a lot of time searching for the best theme to use on my wordpress sites.  The best one I use is called Marketer CMS.  This theme opens the internet to anyone. Not only does it supply you with a blogging platform, but it gives you the ability to perform like a webmaster and develop optin pages, sales pages, and much more. I like this theme so much that I am in the process of installing it on all of my sites.  You do not need a webmaster to change the wording on a sales letter.  You can change it right there in the theme.

After downloading the  Marketer CMS theme I went through every part of it, mapped it out and asked their support team questions. They replied with prompt and informative answers.

Then, I attended Armand Morin’s Success Leaves Traces event in Los Angelos, California.  During the two day event I asked him about his Marketer CMS.  He was gracious enough to answer all of my questions. He also informed me that he is working on new features in the upcoming revised release of Marketer CMS.  He listens to what you want. Can’t get any better than that!

Update: The new revised release is out and I am learning the features.  The theme even has video tutorials!

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