Short Term Goals and Plans – Are They Succeeding, Rewarding & Timely?

short term goals

Imagine yourself in the future. Obtaining what you desire and where you want to be!  How do you do that?  The place to start is to write your goals on paper and then write a plan on how to achieve them.

There are many categories of goals such as educational, financial, career, relaxation and spiritual.  To prevent being overwhelmed you must prioritize these goals.  Work on the most important ones first.

To achieve your written goals you must measure your progress periodically.

One suggestion is to review your goals monthly and evaluate.  With the information from these monthly reviews you can adjust your plan accordingly.

Does your plan have the necessary tools to succeed?

As an example, if your goal is be healthier by eating more nutritious food, your plan should include a tool such as a grocery list. Plan what you need before you go to the store and purchase only what is on that list.

Are there timely rewards for achieving steps towards your goal?

This can be motivating!  One of my goals last year was to become a better writer.  At the end of last year there was a reward for having fewer “red marks” on my papers!

Does your plan include time management?

For example:  Keep a time log.  If it takes longer to do a scheduled two hour blog post, then ask yourself why?  Were there too many interruptions or distractions?  What can you do to prevent them?

Does your plan include resources for help?

If you are not meeting your goals and not able to resolve the issues, you may need to go to your planned help. These resources should include professional coaches and mentors.

Are you receiving unconditional encouragement?

If you tell your friends or co-workers about your goal, do they give you unconditional encouragement?  If not, then your plan should include sources of support such as mastermind groups, coaches or mentors.

Is your goal and plan too large to be accomplished in the time allotted?

Remember that the key to setting goals is to set achievable goals.  Adjust the time frame as needed.

As you can see there are many facets to goals. The secret to achieving your goal is the plan.  Write down your goal and then write out a plan to achieve that goal.  Provide a reward upon completion of each step.  (A reward within your budget of time and money!)

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  • Well said, timely, and beneficial!! I had just said last night that I had some people in my circle who weren’t exactly helping me move toward my goals. Your post is great food for thought 🙂

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