Teleseminar – A Teleconference That is an Excellent Way to Connect

Teleseminars, sometimes called teleconferences,  are a way to open a dialogue to connect with people. Whether you are a new or a seasoned online business professional, a teleseminar can have many benefits.

When you do teleseminars people can hear your voice. The audience can learn so much about you when your voice is heard; it reveals your passion and dedication. There is something magical about hearing someone talk from the heart.

In addition, teleseminars are a way to open a more relaxed dialogue with your attendees and a way for them to connect with you.   When you take live questions from the audience you are making yourself available to give immediate feedback to their concerns. Open dialogue helps you improve future teleseminars by revealing the needs and wants of your audience.

Furthermore, as a budgeting concern, teleseminars are inexpensive to produce. They do not require any additional expensive equipment. All you need to produce one is a telephone and a free subscription to a conference call service. Consequently, this minimal expense can easily fit into the budget of any online business.

You can also record your teleseminars and turn the audio into various products. This is called repurposing content and will be the subject of a future blog post.

As you can see,teleseminars are a fantastic form of communication. Your listeners can get to know you, they can interact with you and this dialogue is priceless. Teleseminars are affordable and their valuable content offers more opportunities.  So, what are you waiting for?

Elaine has free teleseminars from time to time to ask questions about an online business.  If you have a current question send an e-mail to: Elaine@ and ask away!

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