Teleseminars – Hidden Value

Teleseminar From Anywhere

If you aren’t already doing so, you should make it a habit to attend Teleseminars.  There is hidden value in investing some time attending them.  Here are a few items for thought:

Read the announcement carefully

I always read the sales letter or announcement for the Teleseminar carefully. By doing this you make sure the content and people speaking are matches for your interests. This will also prevent you from being disappointed, expecting something that is not identified in the beginning.

Content is King 

Of course, you are hoping that the information given is good content because there is usually a sales pitch at the end. There are a number of complimentary Teleseminars being offered.  Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these.

Ask questions before the event!

If the presenter asks for questions before the Teleseminar, be sure to ask one.  Many times the purpose of this is to get the discussion going early, and your question is more likely to be used on the air if you submit it early. It is free publicity for you if  they use your name on the air.  Also, you might get an answer for that question you have had for a long time!

Send a testimonial

If it was a great Teleseminar then send a testimonial right after it ends, even if they don’t ask for it.  Since the host may be busy posting the follow-up page right after the Teleseminar ends, when yours arrives, it may have a better chance of being posted on their site. Be sure to be specific and not just say, “Good information.”  If you are lucky your testimonial may be used as part of their follow-up page.  After all, you have just listened and raved about it.  You may possibly get a link to your website.

So get busy and make Teleseminars a part of your marketing program!


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